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3D Augmented Reality Experiences

Experience the digital world in your spaces

Visualisations of designs & spaces 

Preview the space 

There's something special about being able to see spaces in 3d dimensions.  

Walking around your exhibition stand in 1:1 scale, seeing the space in reality and not just CAD drawings bring it to life and unleashed your creativity.  

Explore the model and notice the video wall and get a feel for the space in 360.  

Visualise instructions

Make It Pop

Creating clear visual instructions helps make clients feel supported and limits the impact of poor installation.


Improving customer satisfaction is key particularly with technical installations. 

Our approach is step by step advancing through the instructions.  

The user can view the product from any angle, close-up.  We can set the scale to be 1:1 for the experience to feel as life like as possible.  

Product demonstration 

Preview the space 

Demonstrate a large or complex product on location or remotely. 


Using animation we can disassemble the product and illustrate how it works with special effects like flows of air or water.  

Deploy Training 

Having highly visual content engages learners particularly because they can interact with the content to view it at the scale and angle that they want.

The 3D content can be anything that you need it to be including expensive or very large equipment or environments.  

We can create the training on equipment that is hard to access or locates in restricted environments

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